Know you and the scope of your business

Crafting is your hobby, your pleasure and you want to expand that into a business. For a successful business you need to be driven but must also continue to enjoy what you are doing!!

With taking on a business and orders, you commit to both quality in your products and a commitment to deliver in a timely manner. Your order could be a wedding or birthday gift, it could be a whole wedding stationery set invitations and all. Each order matters so your commitment and skill set should be at a level where you can deliver.

Pause and think about these before you start up a business and accept orders

  • Can I make what I’m advertising on a large enough scale to meet customer demands
  • Can I make my advertised products consistently at a high enough quality and high enough profit to ensure customer delight and satisfaction
  • Can I handle disappointment
    • Returned orders
    • Customer complaints
    • Bad reviews
    • Competition local or online
  • Can I sell at a competitive price, how much profit can I make
  • Can I keep enough stock
  • Do I know where to source materials at competitive rates?
  • Can I source materials and or labor to meet demand, deadlines and unforeseen circumstances?
  • Do I have the right hardware to produce a professional, quality product?
  • Do I know the actual costs to make the items I sell so I know I am making a profit?

These are important things to think about, I would love to hear any feedback you may have especially on areas I may have missed as potential challenges you feel you face or have experienced.

Sell what you are confident in making, be true to yourself, use your own pictures and only post what you are confident in making.